about us

Haichuang specializing in indoor air filtration/air pollution control for residential ,commercial and industrial businesseswas formed inNov 2003. as a specialist in the design, production, development, supply, installation and service/maintenance of air purifier/cleaner.

Our company that offers you the bestin air products. We use state-of-the-art HEPA, activated carbon, Ultra-Violet, (UV), Nano-Technology(PCO, Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology), lectrostatic precipitator filter to remove dust particles ,odour and kill bacteria and viruses. And also use dust senor and gas sensor will automatically switch the air volume to the approprite level according to the air quality in the room.
Powerful triple Functions keep indoor conditions healthy and comfortable--- " Dust Removal" " Deodorization" "Sterilization".

Our company operates in accordance with ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Standard, and has obtained approval of CQC, CE, ROHS.ETL and ROHS & inspection of Chinese center for disease control and prevention and Tsinghua University test report.

Haichuang is with you for the long haul.From planning to installation, warranty, maintenance and supplies, we offer a full-service of expertise for commercial and residential customers. Let us study your specific needs and deliver the answers that will dramatically improve your environment and productivity.